Carolina Veira

Director, IMC Health Business and Leadership Strategist Author & Speaker Educating Professionals on the Benefits of Authenticity, Belonging and Compassion

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About this speaker

Carolina Veira is an authentic leader, strategist and Inclusion & Diversity advocate, with a passion for the advancement and empowerment of Hispanics, women and other communities across various stages in their lives.

Carolina is a big proponent of leading with empathy and compassion. A good leader will focus on the mission and vision of the organization. A great leader knows that by empowering their staff, they will create a company culture of belonging that will invite employees to be 100% authentic and passionate about the work they do, about their teams and their organization, and their actions will help advance their communities. Investing in your teams’ happiness and fulfillment will produce the best ROI.

Carolina earned a double Bachelor of Science degree from D’Youville College in Business and Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration. She is Ecuadorian-American currently residing in Miami. She enjoys tennis and speaks three languages.


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