Yoana Land

CFO Transformation North America, L'Oréal

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About this speaker

Yoana Land is NOT your typical CFO.

Starting her career at PepsiCo as an IT professional, learning marketing strategies at McKinsey, and serving as CFO for Digital and Ecommerce at L’Oreal USA, Yoana is the CFO that talks the language of CIOs and digital CMOs.

At L’Oreal, Yoana learned the complexity of Operations by serving as the CFO for Research and Innovation across Americas overseeing Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, Legal, Patents, and Business Development. In her more recent roles at L’Oreal as divisional/zone CFO, Yoana served as the trusted advisor to the business driving deep domain expertise to manage hyper growth environments where the focus is on digital growth and transformative M&As.

Both as a student and a professional, Yoana has been on a personal mission to champion diversity, talent development, and high performing teams to her belief that people are the best assets of an organization. To this degree, Yoana is currently pursuing a master’s in Organizational Phycology at Harvard University.

Yoana is also very culturally diverse. She grew up in Eastern Europe and received education from US and European Ivy League schools. Yoana’s work experience spans multiple continents such as US, Asia and Latin America for companies with diverse cultural profiles like PepsiCo, American Airlines, Novartis, McKinsey, L’Oreal.

Yoana graduated from Harvard University with a Master’s in Finance and earned an MBA from Duke University and a study abroad in luxury goods management at ESSEC. She got her bachelor’s degree in Business Computer Information Systems from University of North Texas.


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