Valquir Correa

Transformation and leadership: The journey of transforming people's profiles

A Talk by Valquir Correa (VP, Corporate Finance, Baha Mar)

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Broadcasts 30 March 2023, 03:00 PM

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About this Talk

It doesn’t matter how good your system is or how much the implementation did cost. One thing is for sure and if you don’t understand the meaning of having powerful, knowledgeable and autonomous employees your time and money will just go through the sinkhole.

We are living in a different era. Maintaining your employees engaged with energy to give their best every single day is our modern challenge and on that, some questions arise: How can we transform our employee’s profiles? Is there a secret technique to use? How can a Finance Person promote that change?

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Valquir Correa

Valquir Correa

VP, Corporate Finance, Baha Mar

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CFO Leadership

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